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Triple-glazing has the highest thermal performance & best noise reduction characteristics on the market.

Why Triple and not Double?

Windows & doors are typically the weakest part of a building’s thermal envelope; meaning that their performance is critical to the success of any well thought-out building design.

There is no doubt that improving the glazing of your home helps to optimise its energy performance. Triple-glazed units (TGU) have almost twice the insulative properties of double-glazed units (DGU); and whilst the financial savings to be enjoyed between double-glazed and single-glazed options are significant, the real difference in thermal comfort for you and your family comes only from triple-glazed solutions.

Anglian Triple Glazing Blowtorch Test
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That means you get double the insulative value, and far higher comfort levels in your home, at a very cost effective price.

Why Döpfner?

Döpfner is a family business. Since their foundation in 1906, they have remained the trusted specialists for timber windows & doors, on an international scale. 

Döpfner produces 50,000 windows per year, all of which are made from sustainably-harvested timber and recycled aluminium, in their advanced manufacturing facility in Germany.

Each unit is individually customised to meet the specific needs of home owners and architects around the world.

Official Döpfner Windows & Doors
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Döpfner IV78 Triple-Glazed Timber Aluminium-Clad Windows & Doors

Crackenback, NSW