LAROS Technologies proudly supplies Döpfner Double and Triple Glazed windows and doors, designed and manufactured in Germany.

We offer a range of stunning timbers, sustainably sourced from FSC certified forests in Europe that are best for your building and the environment.

From building a new contemporary house to retrofitting a Heritage building, we can provide high quality, thermally and acoustically superior windows and doors to suit your customised needs.

Why Döpfner?

Döpfner Double and Triple Glazed windows are not only highly airtight and resistant to unwanted heat gains and losses, they are also made sustainably, to an exceptional standard of quality, and of course, they look stunning too.

The window and door units arrive on your site, fully assembled, and ready to install, with triple-glazing in the aluminium-clad timber frames.

If you are unsure how the units might be installed in regards to your particular project,
please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also see a range of samples in our Fyshwick showroom.

Why Triple-Glazing?

Windows & doors are typically the weakest part of a building’s thermal envelope; meaning that their performance is critical to the success of any well thought-out building design.

There is no doubt that improving the glazing of your home helps to optimise its energy performance. Triple-glazed units (TGU) have almost twice the insulative properties of double-glazed units (DGU); and whilst the financial savings to be enjoyed between double-glazed and single-glazed options are significant, the real difference in thermal comfort for you and your family comes only from triple-glazed solutions.

“I really have valued your entire team’s input into not just the windows but all aspects of the build project to passivhaus, but the quality of the products you offer speaks for themselves.”

CristyGlenlyon, VIC

Benefits of Döpfner
Double and Triple Windows and Doors

Thermally Broken Triple-Glazed Timber &
Timber Aluminium-Clad Windows & Doors

Condensation proof design eliminates mould

Lavish views with near invisible glass

Larger windows with less energy loss

Total comfort in winter with optimised solar gain

Maintenance free windows and doors

Tranquility indoors with soundproof design

Perfectly draft-proof with airtight sealing tech

Huge range of colours to choose from

Suitable for low energy and passive houses

Save money on your next energy bill

Döpfner Windows & Doors Technical Values
Triple - Glazed
U Value W/m2K
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
Acoustic Performance up to
45 dB
Visible Light Transmission
Döpfner Windows & Doors Technical Values
Double - Glazed
U Value W/m2K
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
Acoustic Performance up to
44 dB
Visible Light Transmission

The Subtle Differences of High Quality

Why should you choose Döpfner over the other brands?

Seamlessly welded

Aluminium cladding corners are seamlessly welded, polished and completely watertight.

Exclusive use of local timbers

Only from sustainable forestry sources certificate (German only).

Invisible hinges

Standard windows come with hinges that cannot be seen while the window is closed.

Drainage system

Next generation water drainage system, superior to other imported brands.

Low profile sills

Balcony doors with thermally broken barrier-free (wheelchair accessible) MACO Transit threshold

Maintenance free

Highly durable and maintenance free dry glazing technique



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“In my opinion, Döpfner windows are the best on the market. Having installed the Döpfner windows at John’s and seeing the finish, as well as the quality, I can’t fault them.”

Stuart (Builder)Melbourne, VIC
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