Moisture Management Inside Buildings

Moisture Management Inside Buildings

Did you know?

The WHO Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality  (read here) says that the average person releases 1.9L of water vapour into the internal environment every day. This equates to about 80g of water vapour released every hour per person on average.   This is why it is often seen that there is condensation inside buildings during winter, as much of this vapour cannot escape and it often finds cold spots to condensate on such as cold windows & window frames.

With every LUNOS e2 unit that is installed into the apartment,  they are removing 30m3/hr of air. By comparing the absolute amount of water in every m3 outside (at 0 deg C and 95% relative hum.) with that inside (at 20 deg C and 70%RH) it can be calculated that one LUNOS unit will remove 225g/hr of moisture when running at the 30m3/hr level (this is also equivalent to one pair running at lowest level, which is the standard installation).  This means you are removing more moisture  than you are introducing into the room

This can be compared to a state of the art dehumidifier by running the same calculations with their tested conditions (internal environment @32 deg C and 80%RH). The calculations show the dehumidifier removes 1042 g/hr or moisture compared to the single e2 unit’s 672 g/hr at 30m3/hr.  When a silvento extraction fan is added in at 60m3/hr the ventilation option removes 2016 g/hr!

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