Koehnlein Internal Doors

High Quality Internal Doors

Why Choose Koehnlein Internal Doors

  • High quality, easy to use, durable internal doors
  • Silent operation and noise insulation
  • Integrated architrave with factory pre-installed hinges and locking hardware
  • Reduced cost: Quick and simple installation

What are the advantages of Koehnlein Internal Doors?

Doors come with fully finished frames

Frames are made with easy to assemble corner joints

Corners fit seamlessly to achieve an appealing aesthetic

Reinforced support of the door leaf

Undercut frames allow for air circulation

Strong frame, easy finish

Ideal for half-high tiled walls

Skirting boards connect nicely

Particle board with HDF cover

High quality fittings

Durable acoustic seals

Hidden hinge adjustment screws

Door leaf has doubled up frame at the bottom

Optional door stop function

Technical Details

Koehnlein Doors come in standard sizes, therefore the building must be adapted to the available sizes.

Width and Height

The dimensions of the internal doors are specified by the size of the door leaf (TBAM). From this, the other dimensions are as follows:

  • TBAM – Door leaf outer dimenson
  • LDM – Clear opening dimenson
  • ZFM – Frame fold dimenson
  • FAM – Lining outer dimension
  • WOM – Wall opening dimension (structural opening)


Wall Thickness

The wall thickness determines the thickness of the frame (nominal thickness). The following shows which thicknesses are possible. Some wall thicknesses cannot be accommodated. In that case, it is either not possible to use a Koehnlein Internal door, unless the wall thickness is changed.

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