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GlassX – Passive Solar Control and Energy Storage Glazing

Imagine a glazing unit that stores heat in winter and provides cooling in summer totally passively. LAROS Technologies are proud to supply the game-changing GlassX glazing products, manufactured in an exciting range of double, triple and quadruple glazing solutions.

The GlassX comfort-glazing unit is configured to provide thermal storage via the use of a salt hydrate Phase Change Material (PCM). A 5cm thick PCM glass module provides a storage capacity equivalent to a concrete wall of about 20cm thickness. Solar heat is stored in the PCM during the day by means of the glazing’s crystal melting process. During the night and the following days, the stored heat is delivered to the interior during the glazing’s re-crystalisation process. Heat captured in the PCM can also be rejected by passive or active night-purging.

With the embedded addition of the prism layer, the GlassX unit reflects the higher summer sun, whilst still allowing winter sun to penetrate, providing passive diurnal heating and cooling for the building.

A wide range of colouring options for the PCM, as well as the possibility of an interior coating with a screen printing, combines this translucent wall element with virtually limitless design possibilities.

Thermodynamic glass facade solution

  • Phase Change Material (PCM) glazing
  • Reflects summer sun through integrated prism structures
  • Stores daytime winter sun in PCM, with gradual night-time release
  • Broad spectrum of colours available for aesthetic purposes

LAROS Technologies represents GLASSX in an exclusive manner throughout Australia and New Zealand.




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