Triple-Glazed Windows & Doors

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“I really have valued your entire team’s input into not just the windows but all aspects of the build project to passivhaus, but the quality of the products you offer speaks for themselves.”

Cristy – Glenlyon, VIC

Döpfner Triple-Glazed Windows & Doors

Improving the quality of your windows, and other fenestration components, is one of the most effective ways to achieve considerable gains in your building’s energy efficiency, and reductions in those costly power demands. This is because windows are typically the weakest component of the building envelope.

“Windows can severely impact on the heating and cooling loads of a building. Up to 40% of a home’s heating energy can be lost, and up to 87% of its heat can be gained, through windows. Improving windows’ thermal performance reduces energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions”

Your Home (Australian Government)

Döpfner windows are not only highly airtight and resistant to unwanted heat gains and losses, they are also made sustainably, to an exceptional standard of quality, and of course, they look stunning too.

The window and door units arrive on your site, fully assembled, and ready to install, with triple-glazing in the aluminium-clad timber frames.

If you are unsure how the units might be installed in regards to your particular project, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also see a range of samples in our Fyshwick showroom.


  • High performance triple-glazing
  • Unique aluminium-clad timber solutions
  • Exceptional quality of build
  • Low U-values (~ 1 W/m2K)
  • R-values (~ 1 m2K/W)
  • High visible light transmission (~74%)
  • Highest degree of airtightness
  • Outstanding noise attenuation
  • European tilt & turn operating mechanisms








  • Variety of aluminium colours, timber choices & finishes
  • Seamlessly welded & polished aluminium-cladding
  • Triple-nanocoated timber & powder-coated aluminium for longevity
  • Double low-e coating
  • Double argon gas filling
  • Double warm edge spacers
  • Double compression seals
  • Integration with RAICO curtain-walls
  • Capacity to meet Passive House requirements


Technical Specifications

Poor windows make it hard to achieve a balanced indoor climate, as they waste valuable heating and cooling energy.

Modern glazing technology achieves very high energy efficiency values which, until only recently, seemed impossible.

Döpfner uses high-performance triple-glazing elements, which are double argon filled, in order to meet requirements in thermal performance (U-value), air sealing, solar control (SHGC) and acoustics (Rw, the weighted sound reduction index, and not to be confused with thermal resistance, R).

Timber Types

Döpfner windows feature a solid timber construction, made from a wide selection of European timbers, including Spruce, Pine, Larch and Oak.

All Döpfner timber is sourced exclusively from renewable plantations in Central Europe with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

sample cross sections of spruce, pine, larch and oak timber types



“Many resources on our planet are limited, some are almost depleted: timber is not one of them. It grows in continuous cycles, and acts as a carbon sink, as well as an oxygen generator, while it is growing.”

Döpfner (GER)

Triple Nano-Coating

All timber surfaces are coated with three specially formulated protective layers:

• Base layer: penetrates the timber and protects against rot and discolouration.
• Intermediate layer: builds a transparent UV-protective film which does not obscure the natural timber texture.
• Outer layer: serves as a weather-proof surface shield.

This elaborate coating combines highly transparent natural timber colours with unmatched durability and low-maintenance. In addition to the natural timber finishes, Döpfner offers timber stains and oils, as well as a wide range of RAL colours for a painted finish.

Cladding Types

Aluminium cladding frames on the outside of your window act as the perfect durable shield, which can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

The aluminium frames are fully welded and polished to perfection before the final powder coating is applied. This elaborate process ensures a perfectly seamless, high-quality optical finish that maximises longevity.

There are a huge variety of aluminium contours available to suit any project, and new profiles are constantly being added to Döpfner’s catalogue all the time.

RAL Colours

Döpfner windows and doors offer a wide variety of surface types and colours, which are based on the European RAL colour standard.

View the full Döpfner colour range

Profile Types

Döpfner windows offer a range of timber profile contours, which allow you to select the perfect look and feel for your home.

There are currently four timber profile contours (Types 1 – 4), along with variable window frame depths of 68mm, 78mm and 88mm.

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For a full range of details, refer to the Döpfner catalogue.

[Interactive Image]

Hover your mouse cursor over the image above & learn about our Döpfner windows.


Glazing Unit Types



The most economical option, with no moving parts, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Döpfner Window Sizes & Configurations Guide
*For sizes & configurations outside of this range please contact us.

an example of fixed windows
Residential home in Ainslie, ACT

Tilt & Turn (Windows & Doors)

Tilt & Turn
Turn Only
Tilt Only

Relatively unknown in the Australian market, tilt & turn functionality has become very popular in Europe. The window and door units can pivot on vertical hinges to turn fully open (as you would expect from a standard window or door with ~ 180 degrees range). Windows and doors with hidden hinges that open >135° may squeak slightly when opened beyond 135°. This is normal behaviour and is not covered by warranty.

The entire top edge of the unit can also tilt inwards (~ 20 degrees from vertical), as the bottom edge remains securely anchored to the frame, maintaining your building’s security.The tilt function provides natural ventilation with the external environment, whilst allowing light rain to also run down the window and drain through to the external environment.

The standard units have a small step (20mm) at the bottom edge of the frame, however they can also be ordered with a MACO sill, which sits flush with the floor level (wheelchair accessible). They are also available in French style configurations (double doors).

Döpfner Size & Configuration Guide
*For sizes & configurations outside of this range please contact us.

an example of a tilt & turn window
Residential home in Jerrabomberra, NSW

Sliding (Windows & Doors)

Double Lift & Slide

Triple-glazed, sliding door units, can weigh up to 300kg per pane. Döpfner’s lift & slide technology, makes opening them entirely effortless. Also available with MACO sills for seamless connection to the indoor floor level and wheelchair accessibility. The Döpfner Lift & Slide units maintain air sealing requirements, where other sliding doors simply cannot.

Single Lift & Slide

Döpfner Size & Configuration Guide
*For sizes & configurations outside of this range please contact us.

Residential home in Narrabundah, ACT

Main Doors

Main doors provide the highest level of security for the main entrances to your home. The high quality locking device also features Döpfner’s wind latch technology, which maintains the building’s airtight, thermally-sealed envelope, whilst allowing keyless entry for the occupants when desired.

This is only showcasing a small range of our front door designs, please see the full catalogue under resources for the full range.

Model 30.01.01

Döpfner-RAICO Integration

Döpfner Windows & Doors can be seamlessly installed alongside our RAICO Curtain Wall Systems. LAROS Technologies have already completed a number of successful projects which incorporate Döpfner and RAICO fenestration systems.

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a childcare center facade with both RAICO and Döpfner systems in parallel
Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary School in Strathfield, NSW
exterior view of RAICO curtain wall with döpfner windows and doors
Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary School in Strathfield, NSW



Experienced Döpfner Triple-Glazed Window & Door Installers in the Canberra Region Include:


AAA Custom Joinery
Richard Muenstermann
0418 484 710


All of our other experienced builders in different regions can be found on our Experienced Contractors page.
Note: LAROS Technologies accepts no responsibility for installation or installation pricing by these installers, we simply acknowledge a previous work history with these installers.


Official Döpfner Video
Döpfner Doors
Döpfner Noise Reduction
3d video of window installation for Döpfner windows
Indicative Window Installation Procedure


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Banner Image: Jerrabomberra, NSW